Struggling with a whole hour?  No problem. Grab a few others to share the hour with you as you increase your worship/prayer time. By signing up, you are committing to making sure the entire hour is covered in worship and/or prayer individually or corporately. If nothing else, put on some pre-recorded worship music and contend in agreement, sing, pray, and make declarations as you feel led. Declare the name of Jesus, thwart the schemes of the enemy, and push back darkness...

What does an hour of worship and/or prayer look like? Great references:
24-7 Prayer   IHOP KC
-Praying non-stop for an hour individually or as a group (leaving room for the Holy Spirit to move in and through you)
-Leading musical worship non-stop for an hour individually or as a group (leaving room for spontaneous new songs)
-Mixing musical worship and prayer for an entire hour individually or as a group (Revelation 5:8 - see Harp and Bowl)
-We encourage creativity like dance, art, song,...etc as God leads in conjunction with musical worship and/or prayer.

What do you mean by “worship”?  Worship is expressed in many ways.  For simplicity purposes, "worship" is referring to musical form of praise in the context of “worship and prayer” here.  We’re aiming for vertical worship (focused on praising God) versus horizontal worship (focused on leading others).  See Who We Are... for a good example of what our Burn 24-7 family is going after.

Is this Biblically based?  Yes!!! 2 Chron 7:14, Matt 6:5-13, 2 Tim 1:3, Eph 3:14-21, John 12:27, Acts 15:16-17…..

What about “where two or more are gathered…”?  That is our preference and we also encourage physically meeting together when optional but there is nothing wrong with praying individually and having a unified online presence!

Are there plans for a physical prayer furnace location(s) for corporate gatherings?  YES! There are already some existing prayer rooms in various forms and fashions across Eastern NC and we’re excited to see them develop, flourish, and multiply as God directs. Signing up on ENC247 helps bring awareness to what's going on in our region and hopefully encourages additional participation. We love to see collaborations and opportunities to support each other and we would love to see new expressions birthed out of the overflow.  We would like to see local facilities begin to sign up to host public prayer gatherings. They don’t have to be an official “house of prayer” or “Burn” or even a church. It can be grassroots, organic, home meetings if desired. Occasional group gatherings are certainly welcome but we are looking for partners who are willing to host prayer gatherings on a consistent basis so we can help advertise accordingly. The Boiler Room in Greenville, NC was a great example of a physical location as they were often open for corporate worship/prayer and offered other training/resources for seven years! They were also connected with Burn 24-7 and often hosted Burn Greenville. Multiple churches and ministries were represented and exemplified a great example of unity in our region. We want to encourage individual and group prayer disciplines in local settings that will hopefully spread like fire to corporate settings such as local churches, businesses, and ministries throughout our region. Wouldn't it be awesome if your individual hunger and thirst for more of God turned into 2, 4, or 6 hour blocks of time that your local group looks forward to sharing on a regular basis? When the fire catches in our sphere of influences, it will be that much more amazing when we come together for corporate events at neutral and/or host locations.

Who is facilitating this?  Michael & Sara Thorsby are currently facilitating and organizing this adventure and will be recruiting help along the way as it grows. They have been faithfully stewarding this assignment since January of 2014 as Craven24Seven (now ENC247). We are intentionally trying to keep this process logistically simple for the current season and will expand as God leads. Engagement from a diverse array of ministries and followers of Jesus Christ is encouraged to promote unity among a multi-generational body of believers. In the initial launching years, Michael and Sara have been investing and hosting through their personal resources, their business resources (Thorsby Jams, LLC) and their band (Thorsby) so you will most likely see those names associated from time to time. Their goal is to "reach the lost and strengthen the saints" through marketplace ministry as an additional resource to our local churches and bodies of believers. After multiple years of pioneering this prayer model at a grassroots level, Craven24Seven came under Fiery Remnant Ministries starting in July 2018 to help resource the mission. Craven24Seven transitioned to ENC247 in January of 2020.

Can 24/7 prayer coverage realistically be accomplished?  Absolutely!!! Let’s sample 
24 hours/slots per day = 24 people per day
24 hours x 7 days = 168 people per week
168 PPW x 4ish weeks ≈ 672ish people per month
168 PPW x 52 weeks = 8736 people per year

It may be a bit tough to get 8736 people to do one hour per year but it’s not outlandish to think we could round up ≈672 people to do one hour every month or 168 people to do one hour every week. Many people/groups will do multiple hours at a time anyways plus the already established prayer chains. This doesn’t even count regular church services, bible studies, shorter prayer times, concerts, and countless hours of service that are accomplished each week in our communities. God will be glorified!

What if we start/stop at a time other than the top (beginning) of the hour?  No problem. Just enter it in the hour starting just before it (like 6:30-7:30 would enter in the 6:00-7:00 slot). You can always add clarity in notes. Also, if it's noted PUBLIC in notes, you would rather people show up early rather than late! Just sayin'!

What if the website is down?  If for some reason the website is not working, power is out, or we’ve reached max capacity for the online system… don’t worry… God can still hear our prayers! Just continue with your scheduled/unscheduled time slots and update at a later time if needed. Email admin@enc247.com to make us aware of any uncommon issues.