The vision of Fiery Remnant is three-fold:

  • Passionately pursue the presence of God
  • Reach the lost
  • Strengthen the saints



Our mission is to be a ministry hub that hosts and supports corporate gatherings, home churches, prayer houses, itinerant ministries, Burn 24-7 furnaces, missions, and more! We believe that the great commission is a command to "go and tell", not 'come and see', so many branches of this ministry will intentionally be mobile! We want to serve our community and show them the love of Jesus in practical, tangible ways. In the midst of this we do not want to 'forsake meeting together', so we will have regularly scheduled corporate gatherings with an "Acts Chapter 2" model to encourage relational ministry with God and with each other. We intend to strengthen the saints through this resource hub by gathering for spirit-filled encounters, trainings, teachings, conferences, and more. By fully equipping the body of Christ, believers will be empowered to bring fresh fire to the ministry assignments God has called them to (2 Tim 3:16). (#KINGDOM!)


Fiery Remnant Events

  • Jun 16
  • Jun 23
  • Jun 30
    The Hobbit House,  New Bern

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  • Jun 30
    Mobile Prayer Houses, 
  • Jul 31
    Mobile Prayer Houses, 

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